Brionna Woodson

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


When they said, “This is the quickest four years of your life,” they weren’t kidding. High school has been something, but it’s time to say goodbye.

It feels like yesterday that I was walking into high school, not knowing anything or anyone. I was a baby freshman and so shy. My favorite memories were staying after school for theater practice, going to the football games, and, of course, experiencing my first homecoming. Sophomore year was the year I met my favorite teacher. She was so supportive to me, and helped me with family issues. She only  wanted the best for me. Junior year was a difficult year for me, simply being focused on performing well for college. Towards the end of the junior year the pandemic hit, causing a lot of changes. I had to adapt to a different learning style. Eventually it got easier. Finally senior year, school changed so much my last year. School every other day, everyone 6 feet apart, and let’s not forget about our mask. Dealing with all that, I was still able to successfully pass all my classes, maintain a job, and become officially committed to the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.

Looking back at my four years of high school, I’ve changed so much as a person and become a strong, independent woman. I’ve received many awards and grants for many different colleges. I’m extremely grateful for every opportunity that was given to me, and will take every chance I get.

High school was something great. It taught me maturity, independence, and hard work. It gave me laughs, friends, and family. So thank you, high school, for everything. Thank you to all the teachers, staff, and students who made high school great. Thank you to all the great activities, games, and shows!! And a big thank you to my family, who helped me get the best education possible. 

I’m now a college student !!!!!!