Julia Dickson

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


For the past four years of high school, I’ve experienced many things that allowed me to make new friends and be part of the Carroll Family. Walking through Archbishop Carroll’s door as a freshman during orientation day, I was a nervous wreck. I had many painful memories in the past that stopped me from socializing with other students. That day at orientation, I met my first friend. We were in the same class for most of the year, and I felt very comfortable talking to her. We did not have anything else in common besides being freshmen. I knew that she would be one of my best friends for the rest of my high school years. Along the way I met other friends and we became very close. Soon, at the end of the summer, we created a group chat solely on the interest we shared, which is anime.

There were teachers that I came to know very well. One of my favorite teachers that I looked up to was Mrs. Mauger. I cannot express enough how she was always there for me and supported me. I remember one time when we did this writing project, called the “mystery box,” and we had to pull out a mystery object to write about. I got a box of playing cards and I had a hard time thinking of the storyline. When I did figure it out, I was so happy to write it. That day when she returned our paper, she pulled me to the side and complimented me on my creative writing. I was shocked and also amazed how she really did enjoy reading my paper. There were secrets we shared and I felt like I was one of her favorite students. Mrs. Mauger also encouraged me to pursue my dreams and recommended that I become a translator. She believed I would go far if I continued on this path of just being myself. Another project I really enjoyed doing was a presentation about myself. I was saddened to hear that she was not able to continue to teach here at Archbishop John Carroll.  I miss her very much. Another teacher that inspired me was Mr. Scanlan. I very much enjoyed his class. The way he taught his students was very entertaining and also exciting. I never got bored in his class and every day I look forward to his teachings. 

Overall, Carroll was one of the best places to be. I love all the events planned by the student council and every day there is something exciting happening. Once I graduate I am going to miss everyone. I know that I do not express my emotion publicly but in my heart Carroll was everything to me. It was like my second home and having a family.