Robert Grasso

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


 I transferred into Archbishop Carroll my junior year. The two years I have been here has been a great experience. Transferring from a school I was used to and going into a brand new school and environment would usually be a hard process and take time getting used to. At Carroll, it was the complete opposite. It was an easy transition and everyone accepted me with open arms. I couldn’t have asked for anything more from this school.

My friends, teachers and coaches helped me throughout junior and senior year. When I was struggling, teachers always looked out for me when I needed it most. My friends helped me out also, as well as my parents, who guided me in the right direction. My coaches also played a huge part in who I am and helped guide me through it all. I played basketball my 2 years here and it was a great experience. The coaching staff not only helped me to be a better athlete but a better student and a better person overall. Outside of basketball I know I will do great because of them.

I am grateful for the experience I had here and wouldn’t change anything about it. Not only did they help me transition from another school, but they helped me to be a better person. Archbishop Carroll taught me to keep God first and to be the best version of myself. Carroll taught me to always try my best and treat others and myself with respect. I thank everybody who helped me shape myself into the person I am today. They have also greatly prepared me for the oncoming years of college. I am greatly appreciative to everyone who helped me get to where I wanted to be. To Archbishop Carroll, I thank you.