Anquan Hill

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


I remember my first day here at orientation. I only knew Bryan Carter and had no other friends here. I was just that awkward-looking tall kid walking around. It was weird at first but by the end of the day I started to make some friends. When the first day of class actually came around, I remember Christina being the first one to talk to me and that’s when I started to get comfortable at this school. 

As the weeks kept going, I started making new friends and building relationships with teachers. One teacher who really helped me mature as a person was Mr. Murphy. He made it so I wouldn’t get away with anything. I got no shortcuts with him and if I was slacking in his class he would talk to me. He will forever be one of my favorite teachers just for helping me in school and in life to become more mature and responsible as a person. 

My freshman year was really crazy but throughout the years I’m happy I started doing better in school. One person who was with my side helping me with school all the time was Coach Bowe. He always checked in on me from my sophomore year all the way until now, making sure I got my school work done. Even though I’ve never been that first honors student, I’ve gotten my up GPA up to a 3.4 and I have to thank him for his help. 

I also have a lot of great memories on the basketball court. I’ve built relationships with all the coaches and players very well. My favorite memory was my sophomore year when Luke House had a game winner against Lasalle when they were undefeated. I felt so good to win that game and to celebrate with my teammates. I’ll really miss everything when it comes to playing basketball for this school. 

There have been many ups and downs in my high school life but I am happy with how everything turned out. Now I can go to college for free, which is very rare in my family. I hope my future life turns out how I imagine it to be but I’m blessed with how Carroll has got me to grow throughout the years.