Nicholas Lamey

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


The first memories I have of Carroll are the 6 a.m. workouts the summer before freshman year. At first, the lifts seemed pointless until I started to get closer with some of the kids on the team. Most of the kids I met I had previously played against in CYO sports. Some of these people went from rivals to best friends in the matter of months. I cannot be grateful enough for the people I have met and who have grown from strangers to very good friends these past 4 years. 

Sophomore and junior years were the best years of my high school career. I would look forward to coming to school and seeing all my friends. I really took those years for granted. Covid-19 and having to split the school into two days really made me realize that. Mrs. Gimpel got very lucky she didn’t have to deal with my 6th period English class all in person. How could I ever forget bringing Mrs. Gimpel all of these cool presents, from the headless horse, the couch, the tire, and the shopping cart, to the table that collapsed in the front of her room. We always liked to keep her guessing on what we would surprise her with next.

I am very thankful for the past 4 years, during which I met my best friends for years to come. It is kind of sad to see everyone go their separate ways and off to college, and not seeing my friends everyday is going to take some getting used to. Even though it is upsetting we’re leaving, it’s at the same time exciting to watch everyone grow up and be successful.

Thank you to all of the teachers who have looked after me as if I were their own child.