Emily Papoutsis

Class of 2021 senior goodbye

This year I joined the school play. I’ve always wanted to join the school musical but I was unable to because of too much school work with other art classes I took outside of school. When I started as a freshman, I thought that the school show wasn’t for me. I had the time but I was not interested. I wish I joined as a freshman because I thought the play was a lot of fun.

At first I just wanted to do the school show because it is my last year and I wanted to do the show since sophomore year, but my friend convinced me to do it. My friend, Julie, loved the musical so it gave me another reason to do the show. Because she lives in Canada, I Facetimed her all night one night and we just talked about the play and read over the script, which was a lot of fun. So, I thought, why not, and I auditioned for the play in January.

Because of COVID, it was just all virtual so I just recorded myself singing. I sang the song “Waving Through a Window.” from Dear Evan Hansen the musical. I really didn’t put a lot of effort into it so I was surprised I got a callback. I had to do the callbacks virtually because I was in quarantine because I got exposed to COVID. When I got a little role in the show, I was really excited. I told my friend, Julie, who convinced me to do the play and she was happy for me.

I was surprised with how many practices we had for the play, but I was happy to go to every one of them. I had fun with my friends every day at practices. One of my favorite memories was dancing at practices and moving around a Kermit the frog stuffed animal in the set. I even made some new friends with people in ACTS. I loved performing and dressing up in my costume every night. In conclusion, I thought joining the play was really fun and wish I joined it sooner.