Tyreese Walker

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


From the first week of my freshman year at Archbishop Carroll, I honestly didn’t really know what to expect. I knew that there was going to be more work compared to my middle school and that school was going to be school. And I really do not like school. But, honestly, I can say that the people I met here helped me get by these 4 years.

My freshman year I had a little circle of people I’d be with every day. We’d eat lunch together, talk to each other when we got the chance, laugh and joke and, eventually, get in trouble. Freshman year was an interesting year but sophomore year is the year I feel like you actually know who your friends are or not. I think all of the kids that year were pretty sad and angry that year but I don’t know why. That was the year I joined the football team and would ultimately change my plans for the future. The only reason I joined the team was so I could get stronger and use their weight room. Little did I know I would have the most fun I’ve ever had playing in a sport. I think what really captured me about the sport was the level of competitiveness during practices. It was challenging for me because I was competing against people who’d been playing their entire lives. But that only pushed me to get better and little did I know, I would be starting varsity the very next year.

When COVID hit the entire world, it was a curse and a blessing. I didn’t have to go out to school every day and instead got to stay home and spend more time to myself. I spent hours and hours with my friends on the game and so on. But eventually that got overshadowed  by the downsides of COVID. I couldn’t go to the gym to workout, couldn’t play any sports at all, soon grew tired of being indoors all day, and missed hanging out with friends. That might be the only time in my life where I actually missed going to school. At least this year, even though we had to deal with restrictions all year long, I got to at least see the people that would help me get through the year. And I’m extremely thankful for that. I wouldn’t trade it for the world