Enjia “Bill” Zhang

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


It is amazing how my 3 years of high school life are coming to an end. There are many things I feel grateful for. I still remember the first day I arrived at this new school and studied with new kids in a totally new environment.  I still remember at the orientation, the warm welcome from my classmates made me forget my nervousness. The beginning wasn’t easy and I was lucky enough to get all kinds of help from my friend. 

The ESL class provided by Carroll is a huge help for me to get through the first year. I was able to study with other international students and get assistance for my school work. I was introduced to the school band and my talent can finally be shown in front of everyone. Mr. Larimer was the teacher who inspired me. I got my all-state reward in the middle of my senior year. I love the time I spend with my friends in the band, seeing how we practice for the concert and for Carroll theater. All along, Mr. Larimer was diligent in helping me with my percussion skills. When applying for college,  he often accompanies me to record with me over and over again at school. Without picking the best 3 works out of more than 800 recordings, I will probably not be as successful as I am now and not be admitted to my dream school. 

I would like to thank Carroll for having the band and giving me the opportunities to perform the best of myself in front of all the audience. I am now going to pursue higher education in music and I can’t do all this on my own. 

It is hard to say goodbye, but I had a great high school life experience at Carroll.