Mason Daly

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


When you first enter high school, you are overwhelmed with anxieties and fears about what is to come. As you take your first step into the halls and see an infinite array of unknown faces,  it seems almost as if anything could happen, but fear not because these feelings do not persist. Before you know it, you will blossom into an intelligent, courageous, and beautifully unique individual. As you take your first steps into the halls of Archbishop Carroll, you are blissfully unaware of the countless people you’re going to meet, homework you’re going to do, sports you’re going to play, or whatever piques your interest, but one thing you’ll never forget is the memories that come from these moments. 

I’ve made countless memories throughout my four years at Archbishop Carroll High School, and these memories helped define the person who I am today, and I wouldn’t give that up for anything. For starters, through the diversity of Carroll’s student body, you can learn something new just through engaging in a dialogue with an unfamiliar student, and having conversations with students from different walks of life also allows you to gain a new perspective on whatever topic you may be discussing. The genuineness and kindness from each student made the transition from grade school to high school very seamless, and that kindness is like a tradition that seems to be passed down through generations. 

Not only will you befriend a large portion of the student body at Archbishop Carroll, but you will become extremely close with a few students who will make coming to school every day enjoyable. As the days go forward, your friendship with these individuals will only grow stronger and the memories you will make will last a lifetime.

Deciding to attend Archbishop John Carroll High School was a decision I made without much thought, but the experiences I’ve had and things I’ve learned have led me to be incredibly thankful for that choice. There are too many people to thank but I’m extremely thankful for everyone who’s had a significant impact on my life here because of everyone I was able to grow from a scared young freshman to a confident young adult.