Destynie Davis

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


In the past four years I can say that I have changed. Personality-wise I haven’t changed, but with a little more wisdom and confidence I have greatly matured since I first stepped foot in Carroll. I used to hide behind a shell and did not know who I was but I have since grown out of that shell and found myself through the help of friends.

My friends have impacted my life in such a positive way that I owe my greatest memories and laughs to them. Every time I’m with them it’s nothing but laughs and jokes. They are so supportive of one another and try their best to give advice no matter the circumstance.

The main thing I have learned is responsibility. I am responsible for my homework and my grades, no one else. I learned how to be accountable for everything that I worked on and turned it into something that determined what type of student I am and what type of student I want to be.

In my four years of high school, I have had highs and lows and many new experiences in between. I have failed and succeeded, but through it all, I have had support, especially from my mom. My mother is my biggest supporter and critic. She has been there through the entire college process and has helped me with every application, scholarship, acceptance, and commitment. I don’t know where I would be attending if it wasn’t for my mom pushing me with every class since freshman year. During times when I was slacking, she was right there to yell at me that I could do better and that I needed to work harder.

Because of Carroll I have learned my strengths and weaknesses, my work habits and attitudes all which will help me throughout my college career and future jobs. I’ve been taught many things academically and emotionally.