James Dilks

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


I was incredibly excited to start high school towards the end of 8th grade, and Archbishop Carroll did not disappoint! I remember the first time I was assigned a locker, the first time I found a seat for lunch, and the first friends I made; it was all so exciting! Freshman year was the most exciting point in my life, everything was new and I loved that. The football games were especially fun; it was a chance to socialize with new friends in a social environment. 

While the social aspects of a new school were certainly exciting, what I especially enjoyed was the academic atmosphere! The teachers are truly incredible; they care for what they teach and it shows. The connections between students and teachers truly aid in learning. I found myself interested in almost every subject because of the enthusiasm the teachers demonstrated.

Between Mr. Gallagher’s film classes (my favorite overall class at Carroll), Mr. Murphy’s world history course, and the many other fantastic teachers and classes, I sincerely became interested in the curriculum and I can say with absolute certainty that I feel prepared for college and beyond. I’ve always had a heart for finance, so naturally statistics senior year interested me, but the way Mr. Zam taught not only allowed me to “understand” the core ideas, but I feel as though I’ve mastered the skills. I’ve had Mr. Scanlan 3 times as a teacher, and every time I was impressed at his ability to relate real-life topics and situations to the curriculum- it keeps the class interesting! While I like finance, I’ve always heard that accounting is boring so naturally, I signed up for an accounting class to see for myself. Mr. Lafferty has not only sparked an interest in accounting in me through his excellent teaching, but I learned more about how the business world works than I could have possibly imagined! While I named some teachers, I could truly say great things about every single mentor who’s taught me!

Academics and social life are important, but Carroll offers a third set of tools: life skills. I learned study techniques, proper social manners, as well as how to take notes. I went into Carroll not really understanding what the real world is like, but now I find myself equipped with enough life skills, social skills, and academic knowledge to push past any future obstacles and grow as an individual. As a bonus, Carroll strengthened my Catholic faith and aided me in learning more about theology as a whole.

High school is often a milestone for many individuals, but Carroll is more than that to me. Carroll has been a second home for me for the past 4 years, and the memories created will live with me for the rest of my life. It’s bittersweet to leave the school behind, although I feel ready for what the world throws at me. Thank you, Archbishop Carroll! Thank you, teachers, staff, and faculty!