Garrett Ewing

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


Dear Carroll,

Thank you for the past four years. I have made many friends and memories throughout my years here. I’ve had ups and downs but now I realize that its almost guaranteed in high school. Outside of what I could control, Carroll has been great as a community and and school. 

I played three sports: freshman basketball, four years of football, and four years of lacrosse, along with being a captain this year. Sports were my main thing at Carroll even though I am not a spectacular athlete. That’s where I made most of my friends and how I had the most fun at Carroll. I would like to thank my various coaches for all teaching me different things about their specific sports and life lessons as well. Lacrosse was my main sport and I got some of my friends to join the team and play for the first time, making the whole experience way more fun. 

Next, I would like to thank my teachers who I have had throughout the years here because they have pushed me to do my work and get better grades even though I am not exactly the best student in the school. Certain teachers were closer with me than others but I appreciate all of them. 

My friends at Carroll are the best thing I have gained from the entire experience. All of the memories or fun I’ve had in the past four years have been related to them. Things would be completely different for me if I had different friends or if things in the past were different. I owe almost all of my enjoyment from Carroll to the friends I made here because everything I did that involved Carroll, involved my friends. 

Also, thank you to Mrs. Gimpel for pushing me to do my English work this year because I struggle with it the most and also for pushing me to get three hundred words on this assignment.