Joseph Riccitelli

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


I remember coming to freshman orientation four years ago being afraid about to start high school. At the time, I was so afraid of what others would think of me and whether I’d make friends. Unfortunately, high school is not what it seems like in “iCarly,” “Victorious,” or any other kids’ show. Fast forward to today: I have come to realize that high school is more of an experience rather than simply a place to learn.

This first memory comes from freshman year. My AP World History class with Mr. Murphy was given an extra credit opportunity. A few of my friends at the time got together and decided to reenact the assassination of Julius Caesar. I played Brutus and remember bringing in an oversized pillowcase to wear as a toga. My group performed in class, and Mr. Murphy told me one thing after: “You looked like you enjoyed the stabbing scene a little too much.” This was so funny to me, and I’ll always remember it.

My next memory is Mrs. Mauger’s English class in sophomore year. This was probably my favorite class at Carroll, and I don’t think I can pick just one memory. From doing improv to giving a presentation about my life, Mrs. Mauger was able to involve her students in a way that no other teacher has. My favorite memory from this class was acting. Whatever play or novel we read, each student was assigned a character to portray.

Overall, my four years at Carroll flew by and were definitely not what I thought high school would be like. I went from being terrified of what others thought of me to only caring what I thought of myself. My mom says I should have been more social and outgoing, but that is not really part of my personality. In my time at Carroll, I learned one very important thing: I love independence. I don’t like being stuck inside a school or system where I’m told what to do and there are norms to follow. I look forward to college and can’t wait to make a name for myself in the world.