Carroll girls soccer takes the win against Prendie with a 7-0 victory

Lucia Kamanousa, Staff writer

Archbishop Carroll’s girls’ soccer team took home their first clean sweep of the season Tuesday against Archbishop Prendergast’s girls’ team. 

Traveling to Drexel Hill, varsity girls soccer came for business. The ball rarely crossed into Carroll’s half of the field during the first half, which was when most of Carroll’s points made it on the scoreboard. Although getting off to a rocky start with a yellow card by junior Machaela Henry, the girls bounced back when senior Sarah Durham scored her first goal of the season.

“We all went bonkers when Sarah scored… they [Prendie] probably thought that we wanted the goal for her more than she did,” said junior Machaela Henry.

Unfortunately for Prendie, Durham would not be the lone scorer. Senior Regan Duzy and Olivia Hoffman would join her alongside junior Ella Wright and sophomore Olivia Stout.

“We were amazing! We had possession for about 94 percent of the time,” said goalie Bridget Robinson.

Although it was clear that Lady Luck was not on their side that afternoon, Prendie remained unwavering and never gave up. A clear standout was Prendie’s goalie, who was taking all of the powerful shots from Carroll’s girls. Although she fought to block out their forceful shots, the varsity girls’ team dominant shots couldn’t be stopped.

“Their [Prendie] goalie was the MVP of their team for sure, but too bad for them it just wasn’t enough to stop us.” said junior Bridget Robinson.

Another notable player on Carroll’s varsity girls team that day was sophomore Maura Kane. Although being put in various defensive lineups with different players, she adapted quickly and kept the ball out of their half of the field.

“I’m pretty sure she played most of the game … I mean I’m not surprised she’s just that good.” said junior Caroline Pascual.

Congratulations are in order to the impressive girl’s varsity team. It appears their practices every day are paying off!

“I’m just so proud of them! They really work hard and it shows on the field,” said junior Rebecca Wallgren.