It’s back — live and in person: Carroll’s String Ensemble


The String Ensemble works hard to perfect its performance.

Gabriel Petrecz, Staff writer

Back from an exhausting year of hybrid learning, the String Ensemble is practicing together and performing in person once again. 

“Playing music in person again has been a great experience that I missed greatly last year,” said junior violinist Paige Quigley. 

In addition to Quigley, senior Maria Procaccini and juniors Gabriel Petrecz and Daeje Pullins play the violin in the ensemble. Senior Maureen Carpenter plays cello, sophomore Gabriella Breault plays viola, and Mei Rader plays the bass. 

Last year, because the students were in every other day, Carpenter and Pullins were unable to practice with the other strings. In addition, the Ensemble had only two one-hour rehearsals last year, which made it difficult to prepare for the annual end-of-year concert. This year, with the students playing together two times a week, the group will be more than ready for future performances. 

“It was challenging to have rehearsals with half of the group on zoom each day,” said Mrs. Ceferatti, head and conductor of the ensemble. “I’m really grateful that we can make live music together again.”

Although the ensemble is small, it creates a strong sound when performing with one another.

Procaccini finds joy in coming to strings every week. 

“I love being in the string group,” Procaccini said. “We are able to combine our talents and play beautiful music.” 

Carpenter finds joy in going to strings too.

“Strings is my happy place because of the people and the music we are able to create together. ” said Carpenter.

The String Ensemble rehearses and practices in Room 400 on Mondays and Wednesdays. Even though they only have fourty or so minutes to sight read and prepare new pieces, a lot gets accomplished. 

“I love everytime we play with just the strings,” said Breault. “Everyone gets along and it’s fun to see and play beside my friends after a long day of school.”

For Rader, it is a new experience being the only bassist in the group.

“It’s a different experience being the only bassist at Carroll,” said freshman bassist Mei Rader. “Back at my middle school I had other bass players to play together with. This year I rely on my peers and Mrs. Cefferati, which has helped me to grow as a musician.” 

The ensemble is ready now than ever before to start off the new school year with a bang. 

“It’s wonderful to work with such a dedicated and talented group of students,” said Mrs. Cefferati. “They put their heart into their work and it really comes through in the music.”