Carroll field hockey shuts out Prendie

Lydia Maione, Staff writer

Coming off its victory over Cardinal O’Hara, Archbishop Carroll’s field hockey team did it again. On Friday, under the lights, the Patriots shut out Archbishop Prendergast with a final score of 5-0.

The contest between Carroll and Prendie started well before the whistle blew to start the game. An Instagram post supporting Carroll got a flood of comments from Bonner-Prendie students, which set the game’s tone.

Carroll set the pace for the game the second they gained possession. Prendie’s transfers in the backfield off free hits were intercepted nearly every time by the Patriots. Although Panda senior Bridie McCann’s long hits were successfully controlled by her teammates, they were shortly turned over, allowing the Patriots to gain possession and break away up the field into their offensive 25 frequently.

Four minutes into the game, Prendie came inches away from a goal but Carroll was saved by sophomore Riley Mcmeniman with the help of her defenders, sophomore Sarah Wood, senior Annie Dvonch, junior Courtland Schumacher, and midfielder Lydia Maione, who cleared the ball out of the circle.

In Prendie’s attempt to clear the ball out of its defensive circle, senior Grace O’Neill sent it right back in. Junior Megan Sheridan gained control of the ball near the right post and sent the ball to the stroke line, where sophomore Sienna Golden was waiting.

The Patriots’ second offensive corner brought the team’s lead up to 2-0. Schumacher inserted the ball to O’Neill on the right side of the circle, who sent it back to Schumacher at the insert position. Schumacher released the ball to the stroke line where Golden was waiting again.  Golden deflected the ball to Shannon Wood, who then sent it to McConaghy. McConaghy scored.

Seconds were remaining in the first quarter when the Pandas took a stroke. A penalty stroke occurs when an intentional foul happens in the penalty circle. The penalty circle is the circle around the goal. The foul is called because it prevents a scoring opportunity. This foul results in a free shot, one on one with the goalie, in this case: Carroll’s goalie. McMenamin saved it. The score remained 2-0, ending the first quarter.

After a foul against Prendie, it was Patriot’s ball at the 40-yard line. Dvonch released the ball quickly to Maione before the defense was able to set up. Maione carried the ball 60 yards up the field to take a reverse sweep and scored. At the end of the first half, the Patriots led 3-0.

Carroll’s student sections began chanting “scoreboard” as the Bonner Prendie student section continued to get smaller and smaller.

“It was so nice to see them all keep walking out,” said senior Roman Tozzi.

The ball traveled a little too far from Prendie Number 25’s stick; McConaghy stole the ball at the 40-yard line. She sent the ball to Golden at the 55; Golden took off. When Golden approached the top of the circle, she pulled right and ripped a reverse shot, nearly hitting the post. The Patriots were up 4-0.

“All I wanted to do this game is score off of a reverse shot,’ Golden said.

Schumacher got caught up at the top of the circle with two girls on her. She flicked the ball to O’Neill, who swept the ball to the post and sophomore Laura Wineburg tapped it in. The Patriots led 5-0. The Patriots scored twice in one minute.

The Patriots dominated the entire second half but could not get the ball in the back of the net in the final quarter.