October Kairos is back

Arianna Hall, Staff writer

Archbishop Carroll is hosting its first October Kairos retreat since before the CoViD-19 outbreak. 

Last year, because of government health guidelines designed to stop the spread of the virus, the October 2020 and January 2021 Kairos retreats were cancelled. In March, Kairos happened on campus so seniors could have the retreat experience. However,  they were not able to stay overnight or attend the Malvern Retreat house where Kairos typically is conducted. Additionally, the retreat was two days rather than the typical three. This year students will be able to stay overnight at the Malvern Retreat house as restrictions to prevent the spread of CoViD-19 are easing. 

Kairos is a three-day retreat only for the seniors to help strengthen their faith and self reflect. Kairos aims to take students out of their spiritual comfort zone.

“It allows them time to step away, and time to focus on relationships in their life,” said Father Cavara. 

It is an unwritten rule for students not to talk about the Kairos activities when they return from the retreat so that every group of students can experience it without any preexisting presumptions. Another rule is for students to not have their phones during the course of the retreat to eliminate distractions. 

Many students look forward to the retreat in spite of the mystery and the cell phone restrictions. 

“I’m expecting to become closer with my friends and God,” said Laura Wallon, a senior. “I’m really excited to have a small break from school and my phone to become more grounded.” 

Senior Laura Reimer had similar expectations.

“I’ve heard about how the retreat brings people a lot closer to God, and I’m excited to see if it’s true,” Reimer said. 

The Kairos retreat has been a tradition at Carroll since 1996. Carroll was the first school in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to hold the Kairos retreat. 

The next Carroll Kairos retreat will be January 11-14.  Rising seniors can attend the retreat from June 20-23.