Teacher feature: Mrs. Janine Cahill, science teacher

Lydia Maione, Staff writer

Science teacher Mrs. Janine Cahill, so beloved at Archbishop Carroll that the students voted her faculty homecoming queen, initially had no plans to be a teacher. 

“I wanted to work with marine mammals,” said Mrs. Cahill. 

After graduating from Rider College with a degree in marine biology, Mrs. Cahill was told she would have to relocate to another state to pursue her dream job of being a marine biologist. Her family lives in Pennsylvania, and she didn’t want to move away from them. Because of Mrs. Cahill’s situation, she returned to Rider College for graduate school to get her teacher’s certificate. 

Mrs. Cahill has had five jobs since graduating from college. Four of the five jobs she has had were in the educational field. She taught at Kennedy-Kenrick Catholic High School for five years, Sylvan Learning for ten years, GE HealthCare Biodefense Program for five years, Gloria Dei Preschool for five years, and she is going on her 10th year here. 

“Having taught at Carroll for ten years, I have made so many memories,” said Mrs. Cahill. “My favorite memory at Carroll has been watching my own kids play sports against my Carroll students. My daughters, ages 19 and 20, attended Archbishop Ryan High School, and my son is currently a junior there. I have watched them participate in girls lacrosse, girls swimming, ice hockey, softball, volleyball, and track. I always root for my kids over anyone else, especially because I went to the same high school as them. Also, you will never see me wearing a Patriots shirt.”

During Mrs. Cahill’s time as a teacher, she has taught various classes: College Prep Physical Science, Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry, Honors Environmental Science, and Advanced Placement Environmental Science. Honors Environmental Science is her favorite course to teach. 

“The one thing I dislike about teaching an Advanced Placement course is that there is not enough time to teach the material without having my students stressed,” said Cahill. “Since Carroll starts school later than most, the class is already a month behind due to the May 10 test date.”

If Mrs. Cahill had the opportunity to create one class and teach it, it would be a child care class. This class would focus on good babysitting skills to properly care for younger children and prepare teens for being parents. 

Working at an aquarium or a science museum in Pennsylvania would be Mrs. Cahill’s ideal job if she were not working at Carroll. 

If Mrs. Cahill could change one thing about Carroll, it would be the sound of the bells. 

“I hate the sound of the bells,” said Mrs. Cahill. “I will never forget the week a few years ago where the bells broke for a week, and it was so nice.”

In her free time, “which I have none,” Mrs. Cahill said, she enjoys attending Zumba classes. 

Mrs. Cahill’s favorite television show is “Home Town” on HGTV.  Her favorite book is “The Hunt for Red October.” Her favorite movie is “White Christmas.” Maggie’s Waterfront Cafe on Delaware Avenue in Philadelphia is her recent favorite restaurant. Disney World and Universal Studios are her favorite vacation spots. 

Given the opportunity to meet or talk to a person living or deceased, she would choose a relative who passed away.

“I wish I could talk to my grandparents just one more time,” said Mrs. Cahill.

One fun fact about Mrs. Cahill is that she was on television when she was little. Channel 6 came to her house and videotaped her and her younger brother opening up gifts on Christmas.

“It was horrible. It took several hours since we had to wait to open a gift after every commercial,” said Mrs. Cahill.