The homecoming dance returns



Homecoming king Liam Buckley and homecoming queen Emma Talago take a turn on the dance floor.

On Oct. 16, Archbishop Carroll held its annual homecoming dance for the first time since 2019.

Originally planned to be outside for the first time, the dance was moved to the West Gym and cafeteria because of the rain. The two spaces were utilized to maintain social distancing to reduce the potential spread of Covid-19. 

The dance did not happen last year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In the cafeteria, students could play Wii games and join in other activities such as cornhole, a pumpkin painting station, and an area to watch live sports games. Upstairs in the West Gym is where the dancing happened.

“I enjoyed the dance,” said junior Lydia Stong. “It was lots of fun and the activities like the pumpkin painting station were very engaging.”

A snack table with a variety of chips and desserts got lots of attention. Most of the desserts that parents made were taken at the beginning of the event. Students who came down to the cafeteria later in the evening missed out on the desserts because they were such a hit. 

“I’d like it if the parents provided real food instead of snacks,” said junior Martin Grant. 

For the first time at a dance, students were able to cool off from the heat of dancing outside in a fenced area outside the cafeteria. Lots of people journeyed out to take a break and get some fresh air. 

On the dance floor, the DJ played a variety of music that some thought was unenergetic.

“The mosh pit had high energy but the music did not always match the vibe,” said junior Katrina Trimble.

Some issues involved students throwing water across the dance floor, and others getting removed because they were not following the rules.

For some individuals, it felt great to get out to an event like this again and to others, it was another casual night out. 

“I have neutral feelings about the dance,” said junior Mara Parker. “It felt as if I was just hanging out with friends like I usually do.” 

Knowing that the seniors were cut short of their homecoming last year, the faculty and staff did their best to make it a memorable last dance. 

“As a freshman, I was scared to death about homecoming,” said Homecoming Queen Emma Talago. “Each year I have opened up a little more. I think this year I was able to enjoy every part of homecoming week from Spirit Week, the pep rally, the football game, to the dance. 

Homecoming King Liam Buckley also seemed to be enthusiastic about homecoming. 

“This year was definitely the most fun and exciting homecoming,” said Buckley. “Not just because I was king, but because we, the seniors, are the ones that the other classes look up to. After I won king, I was honored, because it made it an even more surreal experience.”

Throughout the night, the number of students was split evenly between the West Gym and the cafeteria. It was a great turnout, about 500 students attended, according to Mrs. Allison Papantoniou, assistant principal for academic affairs.