Varsity Girls Soccer Eliminated From PCL Playoffs After Facing St. Hubert’s

Lucia Kamanousa, Staff writer

Archbishop Carroll’s varsity girls soccer faced St. Hubert’s this past Thursday for a chance to move forward in the PCL playoffs. However, the close game would slip through Carroll’s fingers.

Although facing a 1-0 defeat last they met, Carroll girls soccer was confident as they left school early for the game. As players stepped onto the bus to travel down to Philadelphia for the match, words of encouragement filled the bus. One player especially expressed how excited she was for the upcoming game.

  “Kyle [boys’ soccer JV coach] asked me if I was ready as I got on the bus,” said junior Bridget Robison. “I thought he was joking. I’m always ready.”

With the first half now in full swing, both teams fought to gain possession. As both teams battled for the ball, junior Ella Wright would give Carroll its first and only goal of the match. A few swift dribbles through St. Hubert’s defense was all it took for Wright to shoot a powerful shot only five minutes after the half had just begun. 

Although gaining the upper hand against St. Hubert’s, Carroll had no time to rest. For the remainder of the half, both teams fought vigorously until the whistle blew for halftime. 

“The game is going really well,” said junior Stephanie Reardon. “I think they [Carroll girls soccer] might be able to get them [St. Hubert’s girls soccer] this time.”

After a quick rest, Carroll was prepared to get right back into the game and fight. However, St. Hubert’s was not allowing the setback to affect its game in the slightest. Although Carroll had many notable shots on net, St. Hubert’s would score a controversial goal.

“Yeah no, that girl was clearly offsides,” said senior Sarah Durham. “I don’t even know how the ref counted it. If they count her goal, they should definitely count Ava’s goal. At least hers was onsides.” 

Although the infamous shot faced controversy, it was still counted and ultimately caused the scoreboard to read 1-1 as the final whistle blew for the game. Usually, the game would simply end in a tie and everyone would be able to go home on time, but the same tale is not said when that game is for the PCL playoffs. One team has to win, so it was time to prepare for overtime. 

As overtime began, both teams continued to fight to come out victorious. After two more sessions of overtime, it became clear that both teams were not only refusing to give up but ultimately evenly matched. The final tiebreaker left to resort to were penalty kicks. 

When the game is a tie and overtime proves to be futile, penalty kicks are usually what solves the tie. Each team is allowed three shots on the net with only the goalie to stop their shot. The team with the most goals after all six penalty kicks leaves as the victors for the day.

As the three players representing Carroll stepped to the penalty line, cheers arose from the Carroll section of the bleachers. Wright would not be as successful with her shot this time around. The stadium watched as the ball went over the net, however, there was no time to daydream for senior Reagan Duzy. Giving Wright a quick pat on the back, it was Duzy’s turn to shoot. Unfortunately, the same fate would come upon Duzy with the ball flying over the net. It all rested in sophomore Olivia Stout’s shot now. Unfortunately for Carroll, the goalie would watch one final ball soar over the net, never reaching the goal. The former excitement and confidence that Carroll once had began to fade as St. Hubert’s shooters stepped to the penalty line.

“I really don’t know what happened,” said junior Rebecca Wallgren. “I really thought we were going to grab this one. I’m just a little disappointed that the game has turned this direction.”

Shot after shot, all three shooters for St. Hubert’s were able to score all of their penalty kicks, leaving them victorious and Carroll waving goodbye to their shot at moving on in the PCL playoffs.

Although Carroll ultimately lost another close game against St. Hubert’s, many players were proud to say that it was one of their better games.

“Even though we lost, it was a fun game overall,” said junior Macheala Henry. “We all played together really well and we tried our best. We just were unlucky that day, but next year we’ll get them for sure.”