Too old for Halloween? Archbishop Carroll students don’t think they are


Gabriel Petrecz, Staff writer

As the end of October approaches and Halloween nears, the majority of students still have an affinity for the activities and attractions that make up the holiday. 

“Halloween is my favorite holiday,” said junior Meghan Sheridan. “It is very festive and there are lots of attractions to go to which not a lot of other holidays have. I love festive foods like candy apples and the idea of dressing up. When people dress up, they can be someone different from themselves and it is exciting to see how everyone expresses themselves in contrasting ways.”

Some may assume that as people get older, they lose interest in childhood activities. However, many students have nostalgic feelings about Halloween because of fond memories from when they were children. 

 “I like Halloween the same as when I was a kid,” said junior Lindsey Davidson. “I still get excited to dress up for Halloween every year because you can express yourself. One of my favorite seasonal activities is carving pumpkins.”

Others love the holiday because of the food and social aspects.  

“I like Halloween because it’s an excuse to eat lots of candy and hang out with friends,” said Damon Cagliola.

Dressing up in a costume is one of the most prominent things to do on the holiday. Lots of people like to do it so they can be a different person for just one night. 

“I like dressing up because my costume doesn’t adhere to current fashion trends,” said junior Erin Egan. “I can wear whatever I think looks good without being judged.”

The thrill of scary attractions like haunted houses, hayrides, and cornfields also seems to grow on kids as they get older. Most go to these places in groups where they can hangout with friends and be scared together. 

“Going to haunted houses and watching scary movies are my favorite things to do during the spooky season,” said junior Lizzy Hennessy. “I like the eerie vibe of the festivities and different decor.”