Spiders are scariest for Carroll students


Samantha Rock, Staff writer

According to Archbishop Carroll students, spiders are the scariest things this Halloween.

Eighty Carroll students were asked: “What makes you most afraid? The choices included spiders, ghosts, heights, tests, ocean/water, clowns, the dark, bugs, mice, and nothing.  Spiders received the most votes; 21 people said that spiders were the scariest thing.

“They [spiders] have so much hair… and eyes,” said junior Casandra Pendleton.

The scariest thing after spiders were heights with 15 votes. Following heights was a tie between ocean/water and bugs with 10 votes each.

“I’m really afraid of getting bitten by a shark and I don’t like not being able to touch the ground,” said junior Gabriel Petrecz.

The next scariest things were tests and the dark, which both received eight votes. After the dark and tests, were mice, which received seven votes.

“I am so afraid of mice because of their tail,” said junior Olivia Graveley.

“They [mice] are ugly little demons,” said junior Katelyn Swayze.

The next scariest thing according to Carrol students was clowns, which received a total of six votes. After clowns were ghosts, which had three votes.

A lot of things scare the students and teachers at Carroll. However, two people stated that nothing scared them.