Patriot News Live returns after almost two years

Justin Hnat, Staff writer

Patriot News Live, Archbishop Carroll’s student-driven morning show, returned Dec. 1 after a hiatus of almost two years.

Prior to last Wednesday, Patriot News Live was last broadcast  Friday, March 13, 2020, when schools throughout Pennsylvania were ordered to close to prevent the spread of Coronavirus disease 2019, better known as COVID-19.

Viewers can expect some new things on the show, which is broadcast during homeroom from the studio on the first floor of the west side of the school near the cafeteria. Some of those new things include birthday announcements, interactive trivia, and in-depth sports reporting.

“We are hoping to improve the show a great deal!” said Mr. Devin Gallagher, the faculty moderator of the broadcast.

Patriot News Live is also looking for a new name. Any readers who have suggestions for the show’s name can reach out to Mr. Devin Gallagher. 

Mr. Devin Gallagher answered some questions about the show:

What was the reason ACHS didn’t have Patriots News Live last year?

We couldn’t have a news broadcast last year simply because we didn’t have homeroom. There wasn’t anything COVID-related about it. We probably could have implemented social distancing protocols, but we didn’t have a time of the day where we could broadcast the show. In addition, we had to disassemble some of the broadcasting equipment in the studio last year in order to livestream around the school.

What’s the reason for it’s return?

We are back because we have homeroom! At the start of the year I had to reassemble all of the equipment, and it took quite a while to figure out how it all went back together and repair/replace some things that were worn out from use around the building last year. 

When did Patriot News Live have its last video before the Covid-19 pandemic?

Our final broadcast was the day they announced the two-week lockdown. Friday, March 13th, 2020. It was an interesting show since Montgomery County school district students were not in, so we were very short staffed in the studio. If you watch the playback of that broadcast ( you will notice that I am doing the intro announcer role, not a student, and we had some graphical glitches… because I was the only one in the control room working each station! Aside from the three anchors we had on screen, Nick Volpe was on cameras and I was alone in the control room. 

What will be included and what will be different from the year/ years prior? 

We are hoping to improve the show a great deal! We are looking to include birthday announcements, interactive trivia, more in depth sports reporting, and whatever ideas the new students have. I am looking forward to what ideas they come up with for the show. Since most of the student body has never seen it, they are more likely to come up with new ideas because they do not know what a normal show is like.

Anything else you or any members that help out would like to add?

I’ve never actually been a huge fan of the name of our show, “Patriot News Live.” It’s not bad, just feels uninspired. If any of your readers have suggestions for a better name, I think this is the year to rebrand ourselves.