Christmas door decorating is on

Judging will happen Friday, Dec. 17


Samantha Rock

Mrs. Volpe’s homeroom took a minimalist approach to Christmas door decorating.

Samantha Rock, Staff writer

Archbishop Carroll students are getting into the Christmas spirit with their annual Christmas door decorating contest.

Homerooms throughout Carroll are fancying up their doors for a Christmas-themed door decorating competition. The competition requires homeroom teachers and/or students to decorate their doors in creative ways. Some homerooms are covering their doors in bows, wrapping paper, lights, and snowflakes. Others are going the extra mile and decorating both the doors and the lockers outside of their classrooms. 

Two-time door decorating winner and Assistant Principal of Student Life Mrs. Kaitlin Buchanan will be judging the doors on December 17. Mrs. Buchanan said the doors will be judged on creativity, originality, and Christmas spirit. The winners of the contest will be announced on Monday, December 20. The winners will receive a free breakfast from Dunkin’, bragging rights, and points towards the Christmas spirit competition happening among the four grades. 

Mrs. Diane Gimpel, one of last year’s door decorating winners, said she is excited to be participating again this year. Mrs. Gimpel’s winning look last year included a fireplace and mantel decked with mini-stockings for each of her first period students as well as their graduation portraits hanging above. This year she and some of her homeroom students created a festive gingerbread house. Mrs. Gimpel said that she is adamant about maintaining her winning title.

“Last year I was determined to win and I am determined to win again this year,” Mrs. Gimpel said. “There are three winners so I feel like I have a good chance.”

Many homerooms are participating in the door decorating contest. Even Mrs. Emma Volpe’s homeroom is carrying out the tradition while she is out on maternity leave. Her students have decorated her classroom door with unique, homemade ornaments.

“[Our door] is minimalistic, creative, and out-of-the-box,” said Lucia Kamanousa, a student in Mrs. Volpe’s homeroom.

Other homeroom teachers who are participating in the contest are Mr. Richard Knowlton, Mr. Tim Magenta, Mr. Edmund Scanlan, and Mr. Louis Valenti. To many people’s surprise, even Mr. Kevin Gallagher’s homeroom is participating in the door decorating contest.

Some of the students in Mr. Knowlton’s homeroom are very competitive and determined to win the competition. Erin Egan and Caroline Downs had a lot of fun helping to decorate the outside of Mr. Knowlton’s classroom during their extended homeroom period on Thursday, December 9.

Lydia Maione was busy this week making giant snowflakes to decorate Mr. Magenta’s homeroom door. She also has created a Peanuts design featuring Snoopy and his dog house.

Mr. Scanlan’s homeroom students, in addition to decorating the door, are decorating the support beam outside their homeroom. Mr. Scanlan said that he likes the decorations his students put up.

“It looks great so far and they are totally doing it independently,” said Mr. Scanlan.