The Carroll community makes New Year’s resolutions


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New year’s resolution numbered list.

During the early half of 2021, the Archbishop Carroll community had a lot to endure, including a hybrid schedule imposed to allow for social distancing to thwart the spread of COVID-19. With only half of the student body allowed in the school building at any one time, student life, as Carroll knew it, was altered radically. 

Fall 2021 began a fresh school year. Sports and extracurricular activities resumed. School events returned and welcomed incoming freshmen. Everything was returning to its normalcy as long as masks are kept on. 

2022 is near and holds a lot in store for the Carroll community. Students are already thinking of their New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year.

Senior Jasmine Nguyen, who is planning to major in illustration, said she would like to continue creating art. 

“I’ll think I’ll accomplish it because I’ll be forced to and hopefully, I’ll find good inspiration in art school,” Nguyen said.

Freshman Jake Aversa plans to focus on his mental health.

“I am hoping throughout the entire I’ll be able to treat my mental health just as I do with my physical health,” Aversa said.

Senior Amiya Soogrim wants to perfect her skate tricks. 

“Its a super fun hobby that I like to do in my free time,” Soogrim said. “I love putting my earphones in and focusing on learning and putting all my energy on a new trick.”

English teacher Mrs. Diane Gimpel intends to hone her self-restraint.

“I’d like to be more patient with myself and others,” Gimpel said. 

She elaborated by saying that she said thinks that she needs to relax more and not let everything get to her. 

Senior Maureen Carpenter said she plans on putting her sleep first. She said she’s doubtful that it will happen, but she is glad she is considering it.