Real or artificial? Carroll students weigh in on the perfect Christmas tree

Real or artificial? Carroll students weigh in on the perfect Christmas tree

Samantha Rock, Staff writer

Twenty-three Archbishop Carroll students out of the 46 interviewed in an informal poll said they have a fake tree in their house. 

Some people said that their families prefer artificial trees because they are less expensive. Instead of buying a tree every year, families would rather buy one to use during the Christmas season and then pack it away to be used year after year. Others prefer artificial trees because they are better for the environment and safer for pets.

“Real trees hurt the environment, and I’ve had the same tree for 18 years,” said senior Laura Wallon.

Another reason that some Carroll families buy fake trees around the holidays is because of allergies. Junior Bridget Robinson said her family is not able to purchase real trees. According to Robinson, when her mom used to decorate their real tree her hands would puff up because she was allergic to the tree.

For some families, one artificial tree is not enough. Junior Caroline Pascual said that her family has four fake Christmas trees in their house, including one in her room. 

Other Carroll students who are fake tree owners were not enthusiastic about their trees. One of the main reasons students do not like their artificial trees is because they love the smell of pine needles on a fresh tree. These students said they recognize that real trees are more of a hassle. However, they still like them better than the fake ones.

“I get a fake tree, but I like real trees better,” said junior Arianna Hall. 

Even with the Christmas tree shortages this year, many Carroll students are still getting trees. Twenty-two students said they bought a real tree rather than use an artificial one. 

“I’ve never had a fake Christmas tree,” said junior Jayden Wintrode.

Supply chain demands and global warming have caused a shortage of Christmas trees and an increase in the price of trees. A Christmas tree shop in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, originally set their Christmas tree prices at $39.99. A week after being open, the shop increased its prices by $10 to $49.99. However, this has not stopped Carroll families from continuing their holiday traditions and buying real trees.

“I have two real ones [trees],” said junior Thomas Frein. 

One student interviewed said that his family has both a real and an artificial tree.

“We have a real tree to decorate and a fake one because the other room is empty, and the tree adds holiday cheer,” said junior Connor Archbold.