Students weigh in on Black History Month

Laura Wallon, Staff writer

February 1 marks the first day of Black History Month and some students offered thoughts on how Archbish0p Carroll should recognize it. 

Senior Nate Lechtenberg said he would appreciate a school-wide event. 

“I’d love an assembly or event of some sort,” Lechtenberg said. “World Language week gets an entire showcase but Black History Month hasn’t gotten anything in years.”

Senior Jasmine Nguyen would also like to see an assembly.

“Everything that I’ve seen has mostly been student-led,” Nguyen said. “It will bring more awareness towards the meaning instead of just facts over the PA, posters and songs on Fridays. It would also mean a lot to not just Black students but all students of color to see the school in solidarity with them.”

Senior Eryn Dennis said that the month is essential to acknowledge as a school.

“It’s important for the school to address this month because it brings to light all of the hard work Black people did to build this country and make it what it is today,” Dennis said.

Sophomore Lisa Wallon she was surprised that the school had not done more in the two years she’s been here.

“Obviously, I haven’t been here long enough to talk about what the school hasn’t done but I can say that Carroll has one of the most ethnically diverse student bodies on the Main Line,” Wallon said. “We have the students, we have the voices, and we have our experiences. Seeing Carroll stay silent is ignoring the experiences that its students of color face.”