Students says second semester offers second chance for success

Gabriel Petrecz, Staff writer

While the second semester has already begun, Archbishop Carroll students have started to set goals to better themselves in the last part of the academic year. Below, six students reveal how they plan to tackle the academic and extracurricular challenges presented as the year moves forward. 

“My goals this semester are to keep up with my schoolwork and improve grades,” said Student Council President Aleja Barrera-Cruz. “I also hope to enjoy more school events such as PatrioTHON and senior prom.” 

Some students are not completely satisfied with how they managed their time in the first quarter. Now, they would like to focus on their self-discipline and getting work done more promptly. 

“I am happy with my first semester and how I did, but there are a few classes in which I am going to try and improve my grades,” said junior Bella Stout. “I am also going to try and improve my time management.”

Sophomore Gabriella Breault agreed that she needs to stop procrastinating work.

“This semester, I have the same goals that I had at the beginning of the year,” said Breault. “I want to make sure I do my best and keep my good grades. I also want to use my time wisely and continue to work hard.”

The majority of students said they would like to focus on their grades. However, they would also like to balance their focus between academics and extracurriculars. 

“My goals for the second semester would be to get better grades for the last two quarters and become a better javelin thrower for track and field,” said junior Abby Martinez.  

Junior Rodrigo Davis has similar objectives. 

“I’m striving to be the best student-athlete I can be for the remaining semester,” said Davis. 

Considering core classes are not the central concern for all, junior Peter Trinh wants to advance in his elective. 

“In the second semester, I want to focus on art because it’s my favorite subject and allows me to be expressive,” said Trinh.