CLB v Donda

Madison Mitchell, Correspondent

In August 2021, American rapper Yé–commonly known by his former name Kanye West–released his tenth studio album, Donda. Many of West’s fans were ecstatic about the artists’ new project release, and they were happy for more reasons than one. There was a lot of speculation about the possibility of Canadian rapper, Drake, releasing his new album in close proximity with Yé. Drakes’ album, Certified Lover Boy, dropped on September 3, 2021. This stirred up a great deal of discourse among both of the rapper’s fandoms. All across the internet, many started debates about which artist would have the better project. 

Drake ended up doubling the amount of sales Ye, selling an estimate of 732,000 units whereas West accumulated 309,000 units. 

Now, some people might ask, “Why does the release of Drake and Yé’s projects spark such a huge schism amongst music fans across the internet?” Turns out that there is a lot of controversy and rivalry surrounding the two musicians. The drama leads back all the way to 2010. However, the main point is that Kanye and Drake were not fond of each other for a long time. Naturally, this would lead their fans to go along with their grievances with each other.

An informal survey was conducted among the students of Archbishop Carroll about which album was their favorite. For about a week, groups of students were asked which album was their favorite. A tally system was created to keep track of which artist’s project was winning. Whichever artist hit the 50 -tally mark would be the artist that won the overall favor of the teens at Carroll. In the end, it was Donda by Yé that ended up winning, having mustered up a grand total of 52. Drake garnered 33 tally marks, losing by only 19 marks.