PDA on campus??? Students weigh in

Samantha Rock, Staff writer

As spring approaches, lovebirds may be on the wing, but that is not the only season that Archbishop Carroll couples show affection for each other. Students and faculty members have noticed the public displays of affection by various couples. 

“I think they should leave it [PDA] at home … and keep it private,” said junior Caroline Pascual. 

Public displays of affection include everything from holding hands at school or kissing in a movie theater .

“I think holding hands [at school] is OK — just don’t kiss,” said junior Casandra Pendleton. 

Some students were neutral about public displays of affection at school, as long as it did not directly affect them. Some students interviewed said they did not care about couples showing affection towards each other in school. 

“As long as they are not being cringy, then it’s whatever,” said junior Nancy Truong. 

On the other hand, some students interviewed were passionately against PDA in school. A group of juniors interviewed said that seeing couples at school hold hands, kiss, or show any other type of affection makes them feel uncomfortable. They said that physical contact between couples should not take place at school. These students found it especially weird when couples kiss at school with their masks on. 

With the spread of coronavirus, some students were concerned about the safety of public displaces of affection. Some students said that they have seen their classmates pull down their masks to kiss each other. According to the students interviewed, this makes them feel uneasy because it could spread COVID from one person to another. 

“They are not COVID safe,” said Lindsey Davidson.