Teacher Feature: Mr. Timothy Magenta


Lydia Maione, Staff writer

Mr. Tim Magenta has had a long love of art that has brought him to Archbishop Carroll, where he teaches Ceramics, Digital Design, Digital Photography, and Desktop Publishing.

Mr. Magenta attended Millersville University and majored in fine art with a concentration in painting. After graduating from Millersville, he attended American University, where he received his master’s degree in fine art. 

“Once I got into college, I knew art was something I would pursue for the rest of my life,” said Mr. Magenta.

He was always the kid in school who could draw well. Mr. Magenta took his first art class his freshman year of high school at Roman Catholic High School in Philadelphia.

“I fell in love with it,” said Mr. Magenta. 

Roman Catholic has a building dedicated to art classes, which was the only place Mr. Magenta wanted to be. 

“Not because it was better than sitting in study hall, but because I genuinely enjoyed creating,” said Mr. Magenta. 

Following both graduations, Mr. Magenta attended two art residencies. One was in New York, and the other was in Berlin, Germany. Both were for three months and were the start for him having his work shown in galleries. 

After Mr. Magenta returning from his residencies, his first job out of college was freelance design work. He started working as a costume and set designer for Philadelphia performing arts productions.

Before arriving at Carroll, Mr. Magenta was a museum assistant, costume and designer, adjunct college professor, art teacher, and artist. Now, Mr. Magenta works as a consumer set designer, artist, and art teacher. 

This is Mr. Magenta’s second year teaching at Carroll. 

If Mr. Magenta was given the opportunity to create one class and teach it here at Carroll, it would be a painting class. 

“I would love to be able to teach this class since it is what I do almost every day,” said Mr. Magenta. 

If Mr. Magenta could talk to one person living or deceased, he would choose his grandfather. His grandfather passed away at the beginning of the school year, and he influenced him in many ways.

When Mr. Magenta is not creating and doing art, he enjoys exercises, fishing, hiking, and golfing. He also is a drummer in two bands outside of school.