3D Printing Club offers students a new creative outlet


Aiden Abiuso

The Ender 3 and Ender 3 v2 printers are the printers used by the 3D Printing Club.

Aiden Abiuso, Staff writer

Students who have entered Mr. Gallagher’s room in the past few years may have noticed his 3D printers that he keeps near the door. People will watch the printer work or will play with some of the printed models before going to their desks. Now, it has become Mr. Gallagher’s quest to show people that 3D printing is not as difficult and expensive as it is made out to be. This quest manifested itself into the 3D Printing Club, which allows students to use 3D printers before making a decision to buy one for themselves.

“Mr. Gallagher has provided us with an affordable and accessible way to be innovative and creative in ways that apply to everyday life!” said senior Evelyn Stong.

Students spend meetings modeling and discussing their designs before printing. Once they have finalized their plans, students decide which color PLA (Polylactic Acid) plastic they will use. 

“I think the 3D Printing Club is very cool, and fun, and I like it a lot!” said senior Nate Lechtenberg, who has already printed a model of the Mandalorian from the TV show “The Mandalorian.”

The 3D Printing Club usually meets bi-weekly on days posted by Mr. Devin Gallagher. The cost to students is 10$ for every 250 kilograms that they wish to print. Tune into Patriot News Live to hear about meeting times for the 3D Printing Club.