7th Grade Visitation Day Makes Its In-Person Return



Lunch in the cafeteria is part of the 7th Grade Visitation Day experience.

More than 300 seventh-graders spent  to Archbishop Carroll High School on Thursday to participate in the annual 7th Grade Visitation Day, the first time it was held in person since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Archdiocese of Philadelphia high schools hold the visitation day each spring so seventh graders can get a better grasp of where they want to spend their next four years. Because of COVID restrictions, visitation day was virtual in 2020 and 2021. 

As seventh graders entered the building, they were greeted by student ambassadors with cheers and a round of applause. Once all seventh graders were divided into their respective homerooms for the day, homeroom leaders led them to their classrooms to begin the activities.

Homeroom leaders going led icebreakers and introductory games to make the seventh graders more comfortable with those would be spending the rest of the day with. Once introductions concluded, each group visited stations prepared for them. 

In classrooms, teachers conducted activities such as Mrs. Gimpel’s story game. For the morning groups, Mrs. Diane Gimpel, an English and journalism teacher, held a pass-it down-the-lane story game while afternoon groups played a grammar Kahoot. Mrs. Gimpel spoke about the unexpected results of both games.

“Surprisingly, the students enjoyed the grammar Kahoots more than the pass-it-down-the-lane stories,” said Mrs. Gimpel.

Mrs. Judith Owens, a biology and anatomy teacher, also held a lab where the seventh graders were required to dissect a strawberry to examine its DNA. Mrs. Owens spoke about how involved the students appeared to be.

“I think that the majority of them were engaged because it’s something that they  don’t necessarily get to do every day,” said Mrs. Owens. “I also just think it was a little different compared to the other teachers’ presentations so they were intrigued.”

Another station for the seventh graders was musical charades in the library run by the choir. Homeroom leader sophomore Sarah Barrera-Cruz spoke about how all the seventh graders were “very involved and really enjoyed competing with each other!”

While classroom activities were well-liked among the seventh graders, most were drawn to the activities held in the gym. Games such as bocce, cornhole, erg races, jumbo bowling, knockout, mini-golf, and various board games were played during this free time for students to let loose and interact with their possible future classmates. Junior Caroline Pascual spoke about how she believed the gym activities were a fan favorite for all.

“I think the highlight of the day was definitely when the 7th graders got to play in the gym,” said Pascual. “The rowing races were so fun and very popular among not only the 7th graders but the teachers and helpers as well.”

Once students enjoyed their respective lunch periods, they were all sent to the auditorium to participate in a game of Family Feud. Students in all grades remained enthusiastic throughout the entirety of the game filling the auditorium with cheers for every correct answer.

As the final bell rang signaling the end of the day, most students left with not only a smile on their faces but some new Carroll swag to keep them company until they decide what to do for their next four years. Whatever they decide, this 7th Grade Visitation Day definitely caught the attention of some future Patriots.