Diversity Club hosts first poetry slam


Senior Viky Fallouh recites a poem during Archbishop Carroll’s first poetry slam.

Laura Wallon, Staff writer

Archbishop Carroll’s first poetry slam brought more than 20 students as well as some faculty members to the March 18 event, which was hosted in the courtyard by the Diversity Club.

Apparently the event was a success, given that the Diversity Club is planning a second slam after school on April 9.

Senior Eryn Dennis, who participated in the March 18 event, said she was glad to be part of the poetry slam.

“It was so uplifting to be in a space where everyone was so encouraging and supportive of each other while performing these poems about race … and mental health,” Dennis said. “I think it’s important to have these events because it empowers students and also lets them know that they aren’t alone in the experience they have or feelings they have to manage on a daily basis. It’s all about normalizing these conversations in order to create a  better environment for everyone, and I think the poetry slam was a great way to start this process.”

Senior Awtum Mintze said it was a lovely experience. 

“As a participant, it was most definitely a comfortable experience where we could express ourselves through spoken word as well as songs,” Mintze said. “I’m glad to say I had the chance to experience and participate in this event.”

During the event, senior Viky Fallouh read a poem about what it’s like to be a Middle Eastern immigrant.

“Being a part of this poetry slam was very important and Carroll definitely needs to have similar events to spread awareness and help people,” Fallouh said.

Senior Jasmine Nguyen read a poem regarding the Asian-American experience.

“I really enjoyed my time at the slam poetry,” Nguyen said. “It showed unity within the Carroll community and it was definitely a safe space for POC students. I also enjoyed when teachers came and stopped by, too! It shows that not only the students, but the teachers care as well.”

The event was hosted by the Diversity Club President Laura Wallon, Vice President Ami Balugun-Victor, and officers Amaya Hickson and Awtum Mintze.