Senioritis infects Class of 2022

Senioritis infects Class of 2022

Laura Wallon, Staff writer

As restrictions related to the COVID-19 virus have eased, a new virus has swept across the senior class: senioritis. College acceptances are rolling in, weather is warmer, prom and graduation are nearer, and, for some seniors, work ethic is dwindling. 

Senior Anna Winslow said she is definitely experiencing senioritis.

“I will say teachers for my classes barely give out homework so its cool, but I’m just so unmotivated to do anything pertaining to school,” Winslow said.

A senior who asked to remain anonymous said that he is finding it difficult to focus on his assignments.

“I can still do work but, it’s a lot harder to find motivation to do it,” he said. 

Jade O’Dowd, who recently committed to Temple University, is also experiencing senioritis.

“Once I finished applying to colleges that was the beginning of the end,” O’Dowd said. “Committing to college just killed any work ethic I had left.”

Mayva Pierre-Louis said she was not expecting to be affected but she definitely is experiencing senioritis.

“I didn’t expect to but I am,” Pierre-Louis said. “This is my first time not getting first honors for a quarter. I don’t really put too much into my work anymore. I’m focusing more on getting ready for college and enjoying my last few weeks before being an official adult and having responsibilities.”

Aleja Barrera-Cruz said she has been trying to fight senioritis by trying to remain focused.

“Personally, I have felt senioritis creeping into my academic life,” Barrera-Cruz said. “I try my best to not let it affect my studies but I often find myself procrastinating or not putting all my effort into many assignments.”

Adriel Alquiros said he is being heavily influenced by senioritis.

“I experience senioritis severely,” Alquiros said. “Accompanied with the conditions that depression puts me under, the feeling that my grades ‘don’t matter’ makes me unable to do work at times. I struggle often to stay motivated.” 

Jasmine Nguyen said she has remained unwavering in the face of senioritis.

“It hasn’t been effecting my schoolwork due to my fear of failure,” Nguyen said.

Christian Toglia is doing his best to maintain his grades.

“To an extent, I’m doing my work still but I’ve given up on studying,” Toglia said. “I’m avoiding failure but letting myself maintain decent grades.”