The Environmental and Gardening Club Works to Make Carroll Greener


Lucia Kamanousa, Staff writer

A club recently introduced to Archbishop John Carroll High School gives students the opportunity to get more involved environmentally.

Although Carroll is home to many beauties, some students feel as though the campus is in need of a makeover. Feeling as though a change was much overdue, juniors Mara Parker and Daniela Flores worked to found the Environmental and Gardening Club to solve issues of not only appearance but also sustainability.

“Our goal in starting the club is to help make Carroll a greener place,” said Flores. “We want to make Carroll a more environmentally conscious place of learning. Also, Mara Parker and I are both fascinated by all things plants and flowers.”

Still  awaiting official approval, the Environmental and Gardening Club meets 2:50 to 4:30 p.m. every Monday in Mr. Knowlton’s room to discuss what’s next in the journey to make Carroll greener. 

“It disappoints me to say we have yet to be officially approved, but I believe there’s a bright future for the Environmental and Gardening Club at Archbishop Carroll,” said Parker. “Overall, Daniela and I just want to leave Carroll more sustainable for not only ourselves but also future Patriots if we can.”

After much deliberation, the co-founders introduced a multitude of ideas ranging from including more recycling bins, adding more plants to both the courtyard as well as throughout the building, and bringing about a compost program. Along with these many ideas, the pair were hoping to bring about a more interactive program for both students and teachers to participate in called “Adopt-A-Plant.” Through this program, homeroom teachers would receive their own plants of the same species and size. Whichever homeroom plant has the most growth by the end of the year will receive a surprise reward. 

Senior Laura Wallon said she was proud to see students getting more involved at Carroll.

“I think it’s great that we’re introducing important stuff like this into the school setting,” said Wallon. “It’s fun to see students take the initiative to create a more inclusive and aware environment. These girls are amazing and I’m just so excited to see how everything will play out.”

Junior Christina Parker said the club is much needed at Carroll.

“I think it’s cool and about time,” said Parker. “Hopefully bringing this club will help clean up the school and make it brighter.”

A junior sounded as though she was planning to join the new club.

“I’m excited for it and ready to get my hands dirty,” said junior Lydia Stong. 

The club welcomes students from all grades and gardening backgrounds. To receive more information about the club, follow @achs_envi_gardening on Instagram.