Eagerness for spring uniform faces reality of spring temperatures

Lydia Maione, Staff writer

Temperatures that passed 80 degrees during Holy Week made students at Archbishop Carroll antsy to begin wearing the spring uniform; now that they are allowed to wear  it, lots of them are freezing. 

When the spring uniform policy went into effect April 19, which was the day after Easter break, the high temperature was 49 degrees. The low was 37, according to AccuWeather.  Last week, the temperature did not reach above 40 in the morning.  Tuesday’s high of 49 was followed by a high of 58 Wednesday, 64 Thursday, and 70 Friday, according to AccuWeather.

This week, AccuWeather is predicting more spring chill, with lows in the 30s and highs in the 50s for Wayne and its surroundings.

The spring dress code consists of a red or white short-sleeved polo shirt with a plaid skirt for girls and khaki pants for boys. Winter uniforms include a blue or white button-up, long-sleeved shirt with a school sweater or senior fleece. Girls wear plaid skirts with black leggings or stockings and the boys wear khakis.

However, during the spring students still can choose to wear the winter uniform. 

“I think it’s really generous that Carroll lets us wear the winter dress code during the spring since there are definitely days where it is too cold to have my bare legs and arms out,” said senior Mia Bones.

“Having the luxury of being able to wear winter items during the spring, there should be no reason why students are out of dress code,” said Assistant Principal for Student Life Mrs. Kaitlin Buchanan. “If students are cold, they should wear leggings, stockings, or their sweater, not sweatpants and sweatshirts.”

There is definitely a mixed comfort level when it comes to both uniforms. Some students prefer the red and white polos over the blue and white button-ups because of the feeling of the material used in the shirt. All four shirts are 60 percent and 40 percent polyester; however, they have different textures. Therefore, the spring dress code is the most flexible and accommodating to all.

“I prefer the white polo shirts because the bottoms are banded,” said senior Roman Tozzi. “Since they are banded, I don’t have to constantly be worried about my shirt being tucked in, which is nice.”

It is required in both uniforms for girls’ and boys’ shirts to be tucked in. If students fail to follow this rule, they may earn demerits and detentions for violation of the dress code. 

During the morning announcements, Mr. Gennaro reminds students to be in the dress code, but students still fail to listen. 

“I am aware seniors are ready to get out of here and on to the next chapter in their lives, but until they graduate, they are required to be in dress code just like everyone else,” said Father Cavara.