Carroll’s five-day Easter break inspires both gratitude and grumbling

Lucia Kamanousa, Staff writer

Students and faculty left the hallways of Archbishop Carroll High School at the end of April enjoy their yearly Easter Break. Although many were grateful for the rest, some said that the five-day break wasn’t long enough.

Carroll does not have a spring break that some public schools have — some as long as two weeks. Instead, Carroll is closed on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter weekend and Easter Monday — five days in total.

During this year’s Easter break, some students took the opportunity to get some traveling in. Freshman Maddie Formica spoke about how she wished her stay at the beach lasted much longer than five days.

“I went to the beach during the break,” said Formica. “It was fun and all I just wish it lasted the whole year.” 

Although some students went the extra mile to make the best of their break, others enjoyed staying home with family.

“My Easter break was pretty good,” said junior Nancy Truong. “I didn’t go anywhere exciting; I just stayed home and celebrated with family. I do wish it was longer because our spring break is a lot shorter than other schools.”

Junior Lindsey Davidson also spoke about how it was nice to see family despite the rather short time to do so.

“I really liked Easter break and getting to see family on Easter,” said Davidson. “However, it felt so short and I wish it was longer because a lot of my friends from other schools had two weeks off.”

While freshman Erin Organ was able to appreciate the break from everyday classes, she also spoke about how a slightly longer break wouldn’t hurt.

“I thought it was a nice break from classes,” said Organ. “Definitely would have been better if we had one or two more days though.”

One junior further spoke about how she felt the short break was unfair.

“No, it’s not fair, honestly,” said Christina Parker. “In grade school, I had almost two weeks of school, and to be honest, we had more days off by itself. I get that the school is trying to finish out the year with all the material taught in time, but it’s not like it actually sticks in our brains anyway.”

Unlike many of her peers, freshman Shannon McGee saw no problem with the short break.

“I enjoyed my Easter break a lot and I think any change of pace and rest is nice,” said McGee. “Especially because a shorter Easter means that we get other breaks later in the year.”