Senior goodbye: Ali Abdul-Mumin

Ali Abdul-Mumin

Dear Archbishop Carroll,

My favorite memory at Carroll was either when the Globetrotters came to Carroll, the time everyone in my class was shooting rubber bands at each other for a week, or the senior field day.

I don’t really remember much of the time the Globetrotters came to Carroll because it was freshman year and I was barely in school then. But I do remember that they came on Jersey Day of Spirit Week. I think they were trying to have a dunk competition with the kids on the basketball team but they could only do so many dunks, so they just started doing one on one games versus the students and that was getting the crowd hype.

A year after that, friend George started the rubber band war. It all started Mrs. Hoffsommer’s  theology class when George started shooting rubber bands at Armand and me. Armand started to pick the rubber bands up and started shooting them back and I did the same. We started shooting other kids in the class and then they started to pick them up and shoot them back. This carried for a couple of days. George started to buy bags of rubber bands with 1,000 in a pack. You know it was on. There were rubber bands in almost every teacher’s class that taught sophomores that year and there were rubber bands in the cafeteria and throughout the hallways. We started to get in trouble midway through the week so we had to chill for a day but when we heard we were going to have a pep rally, we had to start the rubber band war back up. The whole day of the pep rally we were going crazy with the rubber bands and when the pep rally started we started shooting  rubber bands everywhere. We were shooting each other and other grades and some people were shooting them on the basketball court during the pep rally. We all started to shoot them on the court soon enough the teachers started to notice, but they weren’t saying anything so we thought we were in the cool but as soon as the pep rally ended Mrs. Buchanan told all the sophomores to stay back because she had to talk to us. We all knew what she was talking about. During her lecture she said she wanted us to pick up every rubber band on the court and some kids were doing it. There were well over a thousand rubber bands on the court. I was not willing to do that and then the group of girls tried to snitch on me and Armand but overall it was fun messing with people that week. 

My favorite memory is probably the most recent and that is senior field day. I like this memory the most because everyone thought that the yellow team was one of the worst teams out there but we beat every team one by one. Our biggest competition was the red team, which was completely stacked with the school football team, and when we were going against them in over-under, they started cheating, trying to stop us from getting any water. After we beat them they started splashing us with the water from the buckets and that started a war with the water balloons. After we beat the red team, we went on to beating all the other teams and winning the whole thing.