Senior goodbye: Michael Ashton

Michael Ashton

Dear Archbishop Carroll,

These past 4 years have flown by so fast that it feels like just yesterday I was a freshman walking through the halls with my schedule trying to figure out where to go. Carroll has gone through a lot of changes throughout the 4 years that I have been here. Three different baseball coaches, two different disciplinarians, and three different Presidents are just a start, to sum up, the changes the school has gone through while I’ve been here. Through the years there have been really good memories and not-so-great memories. Some of the best memories are when I was an underclassmen going to any sports event and seeing the stands filled with students yelling and cheering. Stands would be filled 10 minutes before the game would even start with seniors to freshmen all standing squshed together. Another great memory was freshman year when girls basketball won the PCL Championship and everyone was still celebrating for a good 2 weeks after. Carroll’s atmosphere was amazing my first few years but to great things, there is always an end and that end was when covid hit. 

I have some challenges for the soon-to-be upperclassmen. First off please bring the spark back to Carroll. Go to every sporting event with your friends and classmates that you physically can. It makes school so much more exciting and fun because then all you and your friends are looking forward to during the week is the next Friday night game no matter what sport it is. It carries out to the underclassmen and the atmosphere of the everyday school becomes electric. Second stop getting you and your classmates in trouble for stupid things because it’s just gonna ruin your high school experience. Now I’m not talking about senior pranks or anything like that, I mean the flipping out on teachers. Even if you flip out on them it’s not going to change anything so might as well just let it go and not get yourself in trouble for no reason. 

Through the years there have been many people that helped me through my high school time. Obviously, first I would like to thank my family for being able to send me to Carroll and help me whenever I needed help. Even if it was a ride to school, home from school, practice, or a sporting event it all really helped me enjoy my time in high school and I thank you. Secondly, I would like to thank my fellow classmates and my underclassmen friends. Y’all are what made high school tolerable at times when it was extremely frustrating and helped me grow as a person so I thank you. Lastly, I would like to thank any teacher or coach that believed in me and helped me thrive in the classroom or on the field.



Michael Ashton