Senior goodbye: Numa Rashid

Numa Rashid

Dear Me,

Boy, oh boy. Where do I start? These past four years have been a ride. New friends, new experiences, and a new house came to me during my high school career. So now, I will recount the last four years of my life in excruciating detail.

My freshman year is a blur, to be honest; I don’t remember much. I went to New York City with Mr. Gallagher that one time when he had to fill up seats on the bus and I went to game club a bunch. Sophomore year was cool. I joined ACTS as stage crew and everything was fine until it happened, then my great-grandma died so that was a bummer too. Junior year was probably the worst school year ever. I was in group A when all of my buddies were in group B, the hybrid schedule was terrible, switching to Schoology made no sense, and don’t even get me started on the Zoom situation… At least during June of last year, I moved to a pretty swanky house, if I do say so myself. That was a plus to an overall horrible school year, I was hopeful that the next would be a little better since we weren’t going to do hybrid anymore and I could see my friends again. It was much better, thankfully. 

I will be going down a new path in a few months. I’ll be a college freshman, in a new environment with new people and new ordeals to undergo. I am fairly confident that I will adjust comfortably to the college lifestyle and I’ll be able to find people who fit my vibe just like I did my freshman year of high school. I have to thank my friends, family, and teachers for making me a better person than I was when I first stepped off the bus and walked into the cafeteria on my first day of school.

Love, Numa