Senior goodbye: Christian Cook

Christian Cook

Dear Archbishop Carroll school as a whole,

As the end of my high school career approaches, and the time to say goodbye comes, I must take some time to send my regards upon the change this school has made upon my life. Taking it from the start of my high school career, I started off in a position in which I settled, and not taking upon the actual motivation I should have pushed myself to accomplish. As the first year and a half of my career came with much less motivation, and the real thought came to me I needed to find a new place where I could push myself, and actually have motivation without dread, I came to choose Carroll. 

With this new decision as a sudden and fast change to come to be made, I started off o  a new leaf at Carroll, and with this change as I expected to see a new me came, one with motivation and desires to succeed. As sure as most of us know the school year came short with only being physically at Carroll for two months, but this new found motivation didn’t disappear, even throughout online schooling I still kept up my intent of success without end. With the never ending vision of myself in life, and the next year coming to start and a new importance of college pre-working, I maxed up my potential and started to see the best version of myself with a profound importance of completion. With that starting and ending off my junior year, still stuck upon my great importance of and taking action of succeeding in my education, I turned it into a permanent habit and part of me. Even now, at this point in my life over two years later, I am now still in this position and even more natural upon it, and I can guarantee it is not going anywhere in my future college career.

So in the end, I cannot thank anyone else enough, but Archbishop John Carroll High School for helping me take action upon my need to succeed with effort unlike I had before. With the best wishes and my life taking off, I can only stay in my mind with the one true place that helped me succeed, Carroll. 


Christian Cook ’22