Senior goodbye: Caroline Doyle

Caroline Doyle

Dear Family and Friends, 

Thank you to my family and friends for all you all have done for me over the past four years! My family has supported me and helped me through everything. I got to learn from the experiences of my siblings and I have learned from the models that they set for me. I can always count on them to have my best interests at heart. My family has helped me to become a better version of myself. They have helped me with making decisions and they have supported my interests. I know I can depend on my family if I have any problems because they have always supported me. 

My friends have also helped me over the past four years. I was nervous walking into school freshman year, but I felt at home with the new friends that I had made. Over the years, we have grown closer and learned more about who we all are. I know that I can always be myself around my friends. There are so many positive memories and experiences spent with them. We have made countless inside jokes and memories together. In our classes, I always felt supported by them. I feel like we have all grown up together over the past four years and I’m excited to see where they all end up.

I am excited for the new experiences and the next phase of life that I will experience soon. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me, my friends, and my family. I am excited to start college in the fall. I know the lessons that I have learned throughout high school will be able to help me in the future. I feel prepared for what comes next because of the lessons that I have learned from my family and friends and because I know that I can count on them. 

Thank you for everything,

Caroline Doyle