Senior goodbye: Gianna Gentile

Gianna Gentile

Dear Carroll,

Thank you for helping me create lifelong memories and everlasting friendships. Some of my best memories have come from high school. All of the homecoming dances, prom, and tennis are my favorite memories. Looking back on the homecoming dances, it’s fun to see how I grew throughout the years. My favorite memory from prom was being able to spend quality time with my close friends and picking out my dress. My favorite memory from tennis is when I had a match on my 16th birthday. This was no ordinary match, it was a pcl championship match. We got to leave school really early and my team surprised me with donuts on the bus ride there. Despite the fact we ended up losing, just being a part of a team made it special. 

Thinking of all the laughs I have shared with my friends makes me grateful for Carroll. Without Carroll, I would have none of the friends I have today or any of the memories to look back on. I am glad I have such close and caring friends who are always there for me. The friends I have made here make going to school more fun.  I would be lying if I said high school was easy, so they have helped me get through the battles that went unseen.

In conclusion, thank you Carroll for helping me to grow as an individual and preparing me for the future. Carroll has helped me gain crucial skills that will ensure my success in the future. At Carroll, I have earned the skill of responsibility, leadership, and the ability to set attainable goals. These are adequate skills that I use everyday. Even though my four years at Carroll were cut short due to the pandemic, I am grateful for getting a full senior year. I am grateful for getting to spend one last year with my friends. Lastly, thank you Carroll for everything you have done for me during my four years of high school and goodbye.


   Gianna Gentile