Senior goodbye: Jade O’Dowd

Jade O'Dowd

Dear Parents and Friends, 

Thank you. I don’t say it enough but I appreciate what you have done for me over the past 18 years, from teaching me how to ride a bike to being there when I’m in a time of need. Thank you to my parents for dealing with me during my different phases and never letting me fall down a dark road. I am eternally grateful for everything you have done for me and that I was able to be in a home with such loving parents. Being adopted can be outcasting and lonely but without a doubt, you guys were there to pick me up and tell me that being adopted was okay. You told me about my origin and life before moving to America. Listening to stories about Chinese culture is now part of our traditions and makes me feel more connected to China. Learning more about where I came from has strengthened my bond with both of you and has given me the ability to embrace that I am different. 

To everyone who I have met over the years, you have shaped and modeled me to be the person I am today. You accepted me and welcomed me with open arms. Thank you to those who have stuck by my side through thick and thin. Meeting my friends at my past high school has allowed me to transition over to Carroll with ease. We support each other every step of the way and solve problems together when we are confused. This has allowed me to feel like I have security at school and can enjoy my senior year of high school without fear. Joining ACTS and going on Kairos were game changers when coming to Carroll. Kairos allowed me to meet new people and finally get a grasp of some of the students’ names. ACTS allowed me to find people I could trust and build concrete friendships with. I love stage crew and wish I had another year to participate. 

In closing, being able to have my parents as beams of support allowed me to not be scared to reach out and talk to new people. Friends from Hallahan and Carroll have shown me that different opportunities that arise are not such a bad thing. Moving from a smaller high school to a big college is a huge step but I know that my friends and family will be there for me. Knowing that some of my friends will be attending the same college gives me peace of mind that college isn’t as scary as people make it seem. Thank you so much!

  • Jade O’Dowd