Senior goodbye: Jordan Chubin

Jordan Chubin

Dear Me, 

My four years at Archbishop Carroll were by far the craziest four years of my life. My life was full of ups and downs and went in many different directions. The most important part of these four years is that I learned some very important lessons. The lessons I learned and the things life put me through are what shaped me into being the strong, independent, and motivated person I am today. Carroll has taught me to be myself, not worry about what other people think, and to be nice to everyone, always. I am very appreciative of my Carroll friends, for being there for me and making my four years memorable, and I am thankful for the people I am not friends with, for showing me who not to be. 

I want to say thank you to my Dad, for working tirelessly to pay for me to have a private education, and for being the most supportive and loving person I have in my life. I want to thank my siblings, for showing me the paths to take and guiding me to make the most of my time here. I want to thank my mom for supporting me and my decisions throughout high school. And lastly, I want to thank me. I want to thank myself for always believing in me, supporting me, and doing all the hard work over the four years. I want to thank myself for putting up with whatever life threw at me. I want to thank myself for keeping my faith strong through hard times and always looking to the bright side. I want to thank myself for never quitting. I want to thank myself for always pouring my heart out for others and giving more than I receive. 

I give thanks to myself not to brag, have an ego, or talk myself up. I give thanks to myself to express my pride for how much I have grown over these four years, and to remind myself that despite these things, I am not perfect, and always can improve. But without Carroll and the teachers and friends I have met along the way, I would not have been able to proudly say these things about myself, and would not have grown in the ways that I have. Thank you Carroll for everything you have done for me, my siblings, cousins, friends, and others. I truly hope the best for Carroll and hope it continues to be a strong, welcoming, and fun high school for all future generations.


Jordan Chubin