Senior goodbye: Lucy Fravel

Lucy Fravel

Dear Archbishop Carroll community,

I would like to start this letter by thanking those who have helped me throughout high school. Thank you to my friends from Carroll for welcoming me to the school and helping me get through the school year. Thank you to my parents and relatives for raising me. Thank you to Nyla for being one of my closest friends since before freshman year. I am so glad I met you and we became close friends. I know I can always rely on you. Lastly, thank you to Wawa for having decent cheap food. 

Although I have only been at Carroll for my senior year, one of my favorite memories from high school is Kairos when my friends and I would talk for hours. In my opinion Kairos was a good experience. During Kairos I got to meet different people in my grade and become closer with some of my classmates. Since I transferred my senior year I was worried about meeting new people and having friends; however, during my nine months at Carroll I have met some of my closest friends and made some of the best memories. 

My advice for underclassmen would be to do new things in high school and make memories and go to school events. Another piece of advice for underclassmen is to do your work and turn it in on time. Another piece of advice is to choose classes that you find interesting. Also, don’t get in trouble and get detentions. Also, get good grades, talk to new people, don’t care about what other people think, and join clubs or sports. My advice to future seniors is to apply to colleges early and get good grades so you can get scholarships. Lastly, apply to difficult colleges because you might get accepted. 


Lucy Fravel