Senior goodbye: Noah Lamey

Noah Lamey

Dear Archbishop Carroll,

It has been a wild 4 years, with so many positives and so many negatives.

In September of 2018, I came to this school with such high hopes. I only knew about 5 people in my class other than the football player I met that summer. I knew more people in the grade above me than in my own grade. As a freshman, I already knew my place with all the people older than me. I just didn’t know my place in my own class. I quickly made friends with the people who I played on sports teams with. Similarly I was making friends in my classes. Meeting people in school was easy, but because I was a freshman, it was a struggle to hang out with them outside of school. 

School was very good until COVID hit. My grades aren’t that amazing but I was getting by just fine. COVID definitely screwed things up for everyone though. School was so easy during this time. That wasn’t the issue. School was just so uninteresting, and seemed so pointless. Everything I needed to learn was taught by myself through research or Quizlets. The bounce back since COVID has been amazing. Other than wearing a mask for a little bit this year, school has been back to normal.

My favorite memory from high school was without a doubt Kairos. I felt like everything in high school led up to that moment, and it was such a fun time. Everyone was so open to everybody. Nobody wanted to start any problems and everyone was so welcoming. My only complaint was that I didn’t get to experience it with everybody in my class. If I could go back and relive that experience, I would do it a million times. This is the end of this chapter of my life. I can’t say that I’m happy or sad that it’s ending. I can only say that I’m so happy that it happened.


Noah Lamey