Senior goodbye: Jonathan Majoub

Jonathan Majoub

Dear Archbishop John Carroll, 

Because of the area I lived in and the sport I played, I felt like Archbishop John Carroll High School was the best fit for me. With outstanding athletics and academics, I felt right at home. I felt the love and connection and was truly welcomed with open arms. Growing up in the inner city, it’s hard to find great education like the one I’m blessed to have at Carroll. The love and support is unreal. I honestly love everything about this school besides the discipline. I feel as if the discipline is a little too harsh at the school. It gets to the point where you could literally get 3 demerits for not wearing a belt, having worn a jacket when it’s cold, etc.

I truly transferred because of football. It is a sport I honestly want to pursue. I really love the program, especially with amazing coaches like Father Mark, Coach Det and Coach Bill. They are just amazing people really working to help students in school and in the real world. Honestly, these are some of the realest coaches and mentors here. I’m blessed to have transferred here. It is one of the best decisions I ‘ve ever gone through with.

Lastly, just talking about the administration and the school as a whole, I’m actually glad to build great bonds with people to look up to throughout my whole Carroll experience. I’m blessed to be accepted and to be admitted here. I’m just glad to be here and to pass down my own experiences to future students of this great school. Thank you, Archbishop John Carroll High School, for the bonds and friendships I’ve created through you. Thank you a ton.


Jonathan Majoub, Class of 2022