Senior goodbye: Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie

Dear future seniors,

Have fun senior year. Junior year is one of the hardest years of high school because colleges look at junior grades. Senior year is a very calming year that prepares you for college life. Even though you are a senior and graduating soon, it is still important to focus on your schoolwork and get everything done on time. Do not get lazy even though it is your last year. Make sure you have time management when it comes to your assignments. If you have a party on the weekend, finish your work before the new week starts so you’re not rushing to get everything done on a Sunday. 

As you enter senior year, it’s about making as many memories as you can before you and all your friends part ways for college. Don’t care about drama; don’t worry about who is talking about you behind your back because none of it matters after high school. One thing I can say I wish I did more was participate in every fun school activity. I wish I made more memories with my friends at Carroll. Don’t think an event the school is promoting is boring or lame to participate in; go no matter what because it will be the last time you can have fun during this fast school year. Every school sports game: go to it. Every school dance: go to it. Every PatrioThon: go to it and enjoy your last high school months. 

Focus on having fun and making memories senior year. Don’t graduate wishing you could’ve done something different. Senior year has been my favorite year out of every year in high school. It was a relaxing year that helped me notice not everything in life is as crazy as it seems. I grew as a person, focused on myself, met new friends every day, and learned more about who I was as a person overall. Worry about your grades, your future, your family, and yourself. Don’t focus on things that aren’t going to matter after you graduate.